InFocus IN1004 3100 Lumens 3LCD XGA Projector

৳ 45,800.00

  • Model: IN1004
  • Projection Technology: LCD with Micro-Lens Array
  • Resolution: XGA, 1024 x 768 Pixels
  • Brightness: 3100 Lumens
  • Panel Size: 3 x SonyTM 0.63″


InFocus IN1004 3100 Lumens 3LCD XGA Projector

The InFocus IN1004 Projector features cutting-edge display technology! Display information from your Windows laptop or PC to the projector through the USB-C or USB-A connection using a USB cable. Advanced. LCD. Projection. InFocus introduces its newest LCD projector in over a decade. Of course, much has changed since InFocus introduced the first LCD over 25 years ago, but the company's commitment to producing high-quality goods and supplying cutting-edge technology has not. This new affordable and bright LCD series, which is placed alongside our other Lamp, LED, and Laser models, comes packed with: up to 5000 lumens, a 50000:1 contrast ratio, signal inputs up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) @ 30Hz, and weighs only 3.3kg, making it incredibly easy to move around your home, office, or anywhere!

Six-point pincushion, barrel adjustment, and LAN Display

The InFocus IN1004 Projector optical distortion algorithms and built-in image correcting software. Connect your projector and Windows device to the same local area network and use the network to send source content to the projector and onto the large screen. When no network is available, we also provide the option of displaying through USB to the projector's RJ45 connector via cable.

Capture, Display, and Optimal Contrast Ratio of a Logo

The IN1004 Projector from InFocus With our built-in picture capture tool, you may display your corporate logo or school mascot on your projector's start-up screen background. The use of sophisticated Iris dynamically adjusts the iris settings, offering brightness optimization to best fit the presented material. To make the best use of the projector's available light output, advanced iris darkens dark images and materials and opens up on bright ones. The resulting contrast levels are incredible. The InFocus IN1004 3100 Lumens 3LCD XGA Projector has a 01-year warranty.


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